PORSCHE Boxster Hardtop

A quality hardtop for the Porsche Boxster: Porsche 986 - Porsche 987
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Boxster Hardtop Fitting Instructions
Please take your time and allow 30 minutes to fit your boxster hardtop for the first time. Once fitted it will only take seconds to remove/refit. Any problems please call us and we will talk you through it.

Tools required are a screwdriver and a 5 mm alan key.

  1. Remove soft top centre clamp (if optional fitting kit not purchased)- this is a simple procedure. Open clamp, remove 4 star screws and pull off
  2. Remove 75mm x 20mm cover in front of soft top cover (lever off with screwdriver)
  3. Fit rear fitting brackets with screws provided into exposed m6 threads
  4. Fit soft top clamp to hardtop
  5. Place your boxster hardtop on car
  6. Close centre clamp as you do for soft top
  7. Close rear clasps down (already fitted to roof)

Enjoy your Hardtop Company Porsche Boxster Hardtop and we would appreciate a photo for our customer gallery!


Boxster Hardtop - Silver Porsche

A set of step-by-step photographs to fit
your Porsche Boxster Hardtop
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