PORSCHE Boxster Hardtop

A quality hardtop for the Porsche Boxster: Porsche 986 - Porsche 987
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Boxster Hardtop Construction
Made in an 8 piece split mould each section of the mould is bolted together and then gel coated. Everything is laminated by hand using a mix of GRP and Carbon fibre. The mould is dismantled revealing the two halves of the roof.

The lower half of the roof is released, trimmed and inserted into the outside skin where they are bonded. The bonded skins are trimmed again, the roof fitted to our car, any imperfections dealt with and then sprayed.

Windows rubbers and fixing brackets are bonded, with a final test on the car. At present we are making 5 roofs a week expanding to 10 in the new year with the new boxster 05 model roof.

Porsche Boxster Hardtop - design detail

10% deposit to join the build list, balance on delivery. Build list currently 2-3 weeks


Our Porsche Boxster Hardtop

What our customers say...

"Thanks for a great service and super product. This hardtop really does make my car look like a Cayman S, what a change to buy something and get better than you expect, thanks guys"

"I never thought I would get this level of service Thank you. The car is transformed from a 12k banger to a 40k stunner all by a hardtop and your help.Thank you from a happy Cayman."

".... my hardtop is so much better than the original, Porsche must be pig-sick.! It may not go like one but it sure looks like a Cayman and wow, I am pulling girls again! Thanks! Great roof, fantastic set up you have."

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